my favorite lie:

I'm not sure why you are at this page. Most of my web projects hang out at, hosted by my hosting company,

I have a blog about web development called The Accidental Developer, and a now-defunct blog about job searching at

On the phone a lot for your job? You might like a printable copy of a phonetic alphabet table.

I've made a few online games and a few relief prints called linocuts.

I founded Murder Crows (2009), a journal of poetry and short fiction, successor to White Crow (1994-2004).

I bought a school bus on in 2002. We drove it to Burning Man (2003).

My brother may be a lawyer, but I can beat him in an argument, especially if I am wearing my spider tie.

View my resume and portfolio.

I'm on Mastodon.

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chris @ osric . com