Ask a the Magic Eight Ball!

Ask the Magic Eight Ball

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This Javascript application was written by Christopher tm Herdt on June 8, 1998. The resposes are the actual responses from a real Magic Eight Ball located on the dark side of the moon we never see. When you request a response, moon-men turn the Magic Eight Ball, type your response into a TRS-80, and it is transmitted to your computer screen via satellite broadcast.

Because such transmissions are susceptible to interference, it is highly recommended that you buy a real Magic Eight Ball, which contains a twenty-sided polyhedron infused with the spirit of Eigenhaffer, the old German mystic. (By including this last statement I hope to avoid any possible copyright infringement suits.)

Thanks to Mrrranda L. Tarrow for letting me borrow some of the code, and thanks to Stefan Koch, this German guy who had a really great JavaScript tutorial up on the 'net until June, 1998, when he removed the English language version.

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